Guardiola cannot handle Klopp

Guardiola cannot handle Klopp

The confrontation of Klopp and Guardiola has a special meaning. The managers met in Bundesliga and now they are working together in the EPL. However, the German is the only one amongst managers who has a positive statistics in matches against the Barcelona legend. In this material, we will try to find out why.

In the second match of the UCL quarter-finals, Liverpool lost the first half and had chances to concede at least twice. Sometimes the Merseysiders got lucky and sometimes the referee of the match Mateu Lahoz saved. The Spaniard arbitrated strangely. On the second minute he didn‘t whistle during Sterling’s foul on van Dijk, after which the goal was scored. Therefore, as if atoning for guilt, fixed and offside during Sane’s goal.

In the first half Liverpool sat low, the players couldn’t normally run out into attack and shot only once. The author of the shot was Oxlade-Chamberlain on the 43rd minute of the match. Losing 1:0, the teams went on a break where two breaking events of the confrontation happened.

First of all, Pep Guardiola was removed from the manager’s zone for arguing with the  referee. The Spaniard spent the whole second half on the stands, sending messages through a messenger to Mikel Arteta.

Secondly, Klopp did not give directive to run forward whatever it takes and score a goal which would turn the match upside down. In the second half Liverpool competently took care after Manchester City players and used advantage in speed, gegenpressing and counter-attacks. To confirm the hypothesis, Salah’s cold-blooded goal can be called. If compared, the first and the fourth half of the confrontation were in favor of the Mersaysiders.

Klopp said after the match:

“City went on all the possible risks, we only required a little bit of luck and discipline in defensive lines. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t very happy during the break. Guardiola risked everything and that was his decision”.

We didn’t seek to play perfectly, but to achieve the result. We showed character and spirit fighting for the result. We defended well and this may not be our best match, but we deserved the victory”.

These words contain the key, why Jurgen constantly outplays Guardiola. He doesn’t try, that his team plays perfectly, but wants to achieve a result. It is alien for Barcelona and Bayern former manager. He is comfortable being in the controlled chaos, as even at the press conference he tried to lay out telephones and dictaphones in the right order.

Guardiola didn’t spit venom and congratulated Liverpool with the advancement:

“ We immediately understood, when they equalized – Anfield. They won it five times, fans reckoned that it would be hard. We were defeated by an exclusive team”.

Liverpool are in semi-finals and will know the name of their next opponents on Friday. The Reds have already set the record on a number of scored goals amongst English teams in the Champions League having realized thirty three moments and also haven’t lost a single match for now. Manchester City were defeated by an exclusive team, which has a chance to reach the end of the path without losing even once.