Half a minute wasn’t enough for Juventus

Half a minute wasn’t enough for Juventus

In the second match of the Champions League quarter-finals, Juventus did not repeat Roma’s achievement. Half a minute of additional time wasn’t enough for Allegri’s team to bring the confrontation to extra-time.

Juventus Turin started the match calmly, controlling the game. On the second minute already Mario Mandzukic opened the score after the pass from Sami Khedira and the guests took the lead. Permanent pressing from Real did not bring any results and the team lost moments with inaccurate shots on Buffon’s goal, and sometimes the Old Lady caught the hosts in the offside traps.

On the 32nd minute the Croatian forward doubled Bianco-Neri’s advantage causing Real Madrid to hit their heads against the impenetrable wall of their defense. The defense, which requires renewal and the match with the Blancos became another confirmation for that.

In spite of the domination in the second and third quarters of the field, Ronaldo and the company could not score. The Portuguese often fell out of Zidane team’s game, because Lichtsteiner, who went out on the seventeenth minute did not let him do anything.

The second half began with Vazques and Asensio entering the pitch, which meant Ronaldo’s shift to a position of a center-forward. This became the key moment of the confrontation. However, prior to that Keylor Navas failed the team twice, having dropped the ball out of hands. Mathuidi came just in time to conclude and turned the course of the confrontation upside down. The rest 30 minutes Juventus defended, having made an accent on vertical passes on Higuain, Mathuidi and Costa. Instead of trying to score the fourth goal and decide the outcome of the confrontation, the Italians hoped for the class of their own defense, which couldn’t hold Ronaldo on the third compensated minute. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner gave Vazques a pass which Benatia couldn’t keep up with.

The English referee Michael Oliver showed the penalty mark, which caused logical indignation in Gianluigi Buffon. The zealous statements towards the referee led to a red card for the guests’ goalkeeper, who it seems, will never win the Champions League cup. Ronaldo executed the sentence and with that he brought Real to semi-finals of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe.

Buffon explained his actions after the match:

“You can’t ruin a team’s dreams like that. I could have said to the referee anything I wanted at the moment, but he should have understood the level of the disaster he caused himself. If you can’t handle the pressure and cannot make a decision – just sit on the stands and eat chips”.

One may agree with the legend of the Italian football as the moment broke the nerve of the game. At the same time, Juventus had time in this match and in the first game at Stadio Allianz, therefore Allegri’s team can only blame themselves.

Juventus showed character in the second game and were close to another sensation in the Champions League. The team perfectly realized the advantage on counter-attacks and the second-tier advantage in the person of Mandzukic. However, the problem remains the same. The Old Lady have aging line of defense, which cannot keep up after brisk forwards throughout ninety minutes. The outcome of this hypothesis was seen at Santiago Bernabeu.