CSKA are not Roma

CSKA are not Roma

After the away defeat, 4:1, CSKA gave battle to Arsene Wenger’s team and was one scored goal away from the Europa League semi-finals.

Viktor Goncharenko’s side from the first minutes began pressing the Gunners, who came to CSKA Arena to relax and to bring the confrontation to a logical end. Dzagoev’s replacement in the end of the first half, it seemed, would be a present for the guests, but it turned out otherwise. Vitinho, who came to the field, began to take away the ball from the opponents and one minute later took part in the goal attack. Not the best game by Peter Cech in the box ended in the goal.

Arsenal tried to break the attack tempo, but Golovin and Nababkin continued the benefit and on the fiftieth minute organized another goal to the Czech goalkeeper’s net. Alexandr shot from 20 meters Cech didn’t orient and kicked the ball on the foot of the Army Men right winger.

It was interesting after the second goal, will CSKA be able to spend their whole match in such a tempo, not slowing down. As expected, it was an impossible task for the aging defense of the hosts. Having run to recoup the third goal, a gap created between the defense and midfield lines, and Berezutski and Ignashevich due to their age could not shut down the free zones for Arsenal players.

Welbeck’s goal fifteen minutes before the end of the match became logical outcome of everything that happened on the pitch. CSKA were not ready for pressing throughout the match and made mistakes. And the final result on the table was set by Aaron Ramsey, who combined a beautiful wall with Elneny.

The interview of the CSKA manager Viktor Goncharenko became the confirmation of the words about the physical conditions of the team:

“We simply didn’t have enough strength. The decline began after the 75th minute. Unfortunately, the speed fell after each substitute, but it's not criticism. Not a single player of CSKA deserves critique after such a Eurocup season. We were incredible for 75 minutes, controlled the game, but unfortunately it’s only 75 minutes.”

CSKA spent a great Eurocup season, reaching the quarter-final stage. This is the best result amongst the post-soviet countries, therefore Goncharenko can only be praised for his work. The team requires rejuvenation and most of all the defense line needs that. Berezutski brothers and Sergei Ignashevich cannot keep up after brisk forwards and get tired quickly. This factor became the breaking one in achieving the comeback.