Salzburg unexpectedly kicked out Lazio

Salzburg unexpectedly kicked out Lazio

Having lost in Rome, 4:2, the Austrian Salzburg broke the course of the confrontation by winning 4:1 and advancing to semi-finals of the Europa League.

The guests from Rome began the match under their control, cutting off the opportunities to create dangerous moments for the Bulls. There were no memorable moments in the first half of the match, apart from the misses by Ciro Immobile on Walke’s goal.

The breaking moment happened on the 55th minute, when Immobile managed to score a goal. The Italian shot on the upper corner and opened a score on the table, calming down his team. However, the Eagles happiness was short and one minute after Dabour equalized the match, but not the confrontation. The fifteen-minute break from the Austrian concern project resulted in three goals with four-minute interval.

Unconfident game by Lazio goalkeeper Strakosha lead to the conceded goal after Haidara’s shot from 30 meters. Two minutes later Hwang Hee-chan managed to push the ball to the nearest corner thanks to a ricochet after breaking into the penalty box. The delayed blitzkrieg was concluded by Salzburg’s Lainer, who outplayed grown roman defenders after a corner kick.

The hosts took advantage of the Eagles confidence in the achieved result. Having created quantity advantage in the midfield, the Bulls shifted the attack accent to the flanks, which were empty because of the laterals being put high. Constant positional rotations also became an attribute of the Austrians’ sensational comeback and a guarantee of semi-finals advancement.

After the defeat, Lazio head coach Simone Inzaghi on what had happened on the pitch:

“Semi-finals were at arm’s length. Today the two teams made similar number of shots on target, the only difference is that we scored one and they scored four. All-in-all, we should be proud of what we have achieved in Europe this season, as well as the current results in Serie A. We will concentrate all our attention on the championship and in the last seven rounds we will try to occupy a high position.”

Eurocups have once again confirmed, that they can be quite unpredictable. Even at the quarter-final stage in the Europa League there was no confidence in advancement of a favorite after the first game in all four matches. After the restructuring in 2005, Salzburg had not advanced to semi-finals of the Europa League, therefore the work of the German manager Marco Rose should be judged to its true worth.