Burnley are confidently looking at the sixth position

Burnley are confidently looking at the sixth position

Arsenal’s unsuccessful season in the EPL will turn into a disaster if Burnley will move the Gunners to the seventh place. Sean Dyche’s side showed this season, that it knows how to gain points where no one expects.

The 2015/2016 season left under Leicester banners, the team which created a sensation in the English football. The last one became the breakout of the managerial thought of Antonio Conte. And the current season has become the time of the team from a working town from the North-East of England, Burnley.

 Sean Dyche has created a team of leashed dogs, capable of spending ninety minutes of the match in pressing or maintain a required result. Standard for the English football on the scrap of centuries formation 4-4-2 with hard physical loads in the training process brought to the sixth place in the tournament table five rounds before the end of the championship. However, on the other hand, the intensive loads caused injuries in six footballers. The non-replaceable central defender Ben Mee got himself into infirmary, having spent 29 matches this season.

Such approach brought results for the 46-year old English manager and in winter Evreton tried to entice him on their side, however, Dyche refused. This season, the Clarets have already exceeded by 17 points by xPoints system, which shows expected points based on the number and quality of dangerous moments of teams.

However, this fact does not confuse the club’s players and they have been winning throughout five matches in the EPL. The game against the London Chelsea is ahead and the competition with Arsenal for the sixth position, allowing to participate in the Europa League.

The team’s captain Matthew Lowton in an interview before the game with the Pensioners said:

“We are aware of how good Chelsea are. But I am positive that they do not regard as underdogs after we have won five matches in a row. We are looking forward to this match. We still have some difficult games ahead, but we want to end the season as best as we can. The next game is always the most important”.

Bet364 bookmaking company offers the odds of 6/1 on Burnley to play in the Europa League next season. For a team from a working town it will be a real celebration and they will use it fully unlike other English teams. In the case of such a development of events, this season will definitely become the last one for Wenger at Emirates.