Real did not break Barcelona

Real did not break Barcelona

The main match of the weekend was the last El Classico in Iniesta’s career. Despite the championship in La Liga, Blancos wanted to defeat Blaugranas this season, but they didn’t even manage to do that.

El Classico participants didn’t wait long and exchanged goals by the fifteenth minute. Suarez scored first after Sergi Roberto’s cross. The Spaniard used the constant corridor on the right flank of Real’s defense, as Marcelo went on the attack once again. However, four minutes later, Blancos played a combination in the opponents’ penalty box and the head pass on Ronaldo from Benzema led to a goal.

The main event of the first half of the game weren’t the goals and not even outings to the rendezvous with goalkeepers on Ronaldo and Messi’s side. The apogee of the first half was the dismissal of Sergi Roberto, who waved from Marcelo in the compensated time. The referee brigade made a right decision, if you do not take into account the fact, that previously Bale played rough against Umtiti and had to see the red color before Roberto was overwhelmed with emotions.

The Spaniard’s sending off made Valverde replace Coutinho on the right defender Semedo. Because of that, Messi moved forward and even five minutes later sent the ball to the net with his special curve shot and Varane once again proved that he is incapable of playing on Ramos’ level.

Real’s attack, consisting of Benzema and Ronaldo, during the whole full-time worked with the left wing. Marcelo and Kroos gave passes to the number nine and seven of Blancos, while Bale, Modric and Asensio in the second half withheld the pressure on the right flank of defense. Nevertheless, the Welshman managed to run to Ter Stegen’s penalty box and shoot from the box line in Messi style. Later, the Argentine had a chance to bring Barcelona ahead, but Navas played great on in Real’s goal line.

After the match, Zidane was left with the opinion that Real had to defeat Barcelona:

“I don’t know, who deserved a victory, but everyone, who wanted to see great football, remained satisfied. Of course, we had to defeat Barcelona. Real created many goal moments in the first half”.

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde also did not comment on the referee’s actions, noting the team’s game:

“There were ten of us playing in the second half, but we did not feel the loss and continued attacking. The footballers had to spent a lot of effort to compensate the loss in the second half”.

The match in no way influenced the state of affairs in the tournament table. Barcelona continue going for the record by a number of records in La Liga without defeats and Real booked themselves a spot in the Champions League group stage and now competing with Atletico for the Silver medals. After the match Zidane had fears that Ronaldo was injured, when he scored a goal. However, the doctors said that the Portuguese will play in the Champions League final, which will have more significance than the past El Classico.