Hamburger SV have left Bundesliga for the first time in history

Hamburger SV have left Bundesliga for the first time in history

Hamburger SV were the only team in Germany, which had never been relegated to a lower division, but the fairytale has come to a logical end. The Dinosaurs did not cope with permanent oppression from management’s side and interrupted a 55-year presence in the elite of the German football.

For five years the club from the city of the same name fought not only with other teams, but first of all with themselves. Players hit against the door of the club’s structure, which led them to oblivion, and supporters kept fighting for he status and historical greatness. Every year, the Dinosaurs’ presence at the bottom of Bundesliga did not surprise football society, but the 16th place and a victory in transition matches became Hamburger’s feature.

This season the team couldn’t withhold at a saving place for them. The first half of the season threw the Black-and-Blues on the last place, which Koln reserved for them, but the 17th position was occupied irrevocably. The responsibility to save the club and delay the relegation fell on the shoulders of the 47-year old Christian Titz. Considering constant change of footballers and boycotts against the club bosses, the manager squeezed the maximum out of the team.  

The German, just like his colleagues from Bundesliga offered innovative scheme, aimed on attack. The formation 4-1-4-1 was often supplemented by the goalkeeper Pollersbeck, who became third central defender thanks to whom a numerical advantage was achieved near the opponent's goal. The German manager was soon awarded for bravery. Hamburger SV lost only to Hoffenheim and Eintracht, achieving four victories and having a draw once. However, it wasn’t enough for another historical achievement and the Dinosaurs lost the 16th place to Wolfsburg.

Fans were unhappy on the stands as the numbers on the score table were the only thing of pride which they had in the wake of changing managers, unsuccessful results and internal scandals. Fires flew on the pitch, the numbers at Volksparkstadion were reset and Hamburg have relegated to the Second Bundesliga for the first time ever, despite the heroic victory in minority against Borussia from Monchengladbach.