Atletico easily took care of Marseille

Atletico easily took care of Marseille

In the final match of the Europa League, Atletico pragmatically took advantage of Marseille’s mistakes and achieved a euro trophy six years later.

Diego Simeone’s absence on the bench of Parc Olympique Lyonnais stadium did not prevent the Mattressers from scoring three unrequited goals to Steve Mandanda’s net. Eventually, both teams made 12 shots each, but the chances on scoring a goal to the opponents’ net are unequal. Marseille’s first accented attack almost caused Germain’s goal. However, nerves reflected on the forward’s shot and the ball instead of Oblak’s net went to Atletico’s fan stand. The Olympians did not bother the Slovenian goalkeeper anymore, which can be said looking at the dynamics of dangerous moments.

Atletico took wait-and-see attitude and waited for Marseille to exhaust or when the hosts will burn out. This happened on the 21st minute. The ball rebounded from Zambo after Mandanda’s pass and Griezmann flawlessly realized the rendez-vouz with the keeper. One should note a clear Atletico structure, which situated higher than Marseille and permanent pressing made opponents make mistakes.

When looking at average positions, it is clear that the Olympians built most of attacks through the right flank, having cut off Ocampos and Germain, which didn’t get the ball in the last third of the field after the tenth minute. Ocampos often changed positions due to problems on the left flank. But a slight disappointment for the White-Sky-Blues fans became Dimitri Payet’s injury. The Frenchman missed the match with Guingamp prior to the final due to hip injury, however, decided to sacrifice himself in the Europa League final. On the 31st minute of the match, the playmaker felt discomfort and left the field with tears in his eyes.

Marseille had one advantage against Diego Simeone’s balanced team – attack. But against Atletico’s defense it was completely leveled Germain’s falling out, Thauvin’s disqualification from the game and Payet’s injury. Thanks to strictness of the formation of football players on the field  Atletico overrun areas and ran into counterattacks. In the second half tired Marseille were finished off by Griezmann, and the finals score was put by the Madridians’ captain Gabi.

Atletico this season showed an abyss between the Europa League and the Champions League. The regulars of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe walked their path in the UEL without any trouble and disassembled Marseille even without their head coach near the edge of the field. The Mattressers differ in the level of players, discipline as well as spiritual quality of the fighters. Therefore it is not surprising, that the Indians won the Europa League thrice and twice reached the Champions League final in the last eight years.