Real refused Pochettino’s candidacy

Real refused Pochettino’s candidacy

Real Madrid got left without a head coach last week. After two and a half years at Santiago Bernabeu, Zinedine Zidane decided to leave on a positive note, having won nine cups together with Los Blancos.

The Spanish media report, that Zidane’s cause of departure were disagreements regarding transfer policy. The Frenchman did not like Florentino Perez’s idea to leave Gareth Bale. The head coach position is vacant for now and the management is considerin Mauricio Pochettino in the short list.

Tottenham have not descended lower that the third position in the EPL under the Argentine. The Spurs did not lose to Real in two matches in the group stage, having won at home, 3.1. Therefore, Florentino Perez’s desire to invite Pochettino to the club is justified.

However, prior to the Champions League final, the manager had signed a new contract with the London club and the sum of his compensation is 48 million Euros. Whereas the Argentine himself does not want to violate the deal and go to Madrid and save aging Real,

“When Real calls you, you have to pick up the phone and listen. Although in this case nothing depends on me. I have just signed a long-term contract with Tottenham.

I am happy in Tottenham, because they have allowed me to work here and I develop along with the club. Right now I want to concentrate on preparation for the next season and avoid everything they say about me. There will be a lot of rumors, a lot of talks, but personally I don’t have any news from Real.”

However, Sky Sports insist that Real has stepped away from the mania to invite Pochettino. Joachim Low declined Los Blancos’ offer and the only candidate, who agrees to come to the Madridian club here and now is Arsene Wenger. Having received Carte blanche on transfers, the Frenchman will restore his image, which has been spoiled in the last years of his work at Arsenal. And Perez himself did not deny that always wanted to see Arsene at the post of Real Madrid head coach.