Real Madrid spent 45 million on a 17-year old Brazilian

Real Madrid spent 45 million on a 17-year old Brazilian

Real Madrid have approved the transfer of the 17-year old Santos halfback Rodrygo Goes for 45 million Euros in an attempt to overtake competitors.

Rodrygo has had 29 matches during his short career, having scored nine goals and made two assists. However, attention in the Brazilian should be drawn not to his transfer sum, but the fact of the transfer itself, confirming opinions of the Spanish media.

After the departure of Zinedine Zidane from Real Madrid, the media was puzzled in search of the main reason, which influenced the decision of the coach. The media talked about inconsistency of the transfer policy between the club president Florentino Perez and the Frenchman. As it turned out a week later, the disagreement laid in the further destiny of Gareth Bale at Santiago Bernabeu. However, the situation on Thursday made the football world doubt in the lawfulness of Florentino Perez’s actions.

In two and a half years of Zidane’s presence as the manager of Los Blancos, the club spent spent on the footballers’ purchase 70 million Euros. After the manager’s departure and full monopolization of authority in the hands of Real President, the transfer on a sum of 45 million Euros, to which another 15 million of commission for the deal middlemen are added.

According to Perez met Santos’ terms because of his desire to beat Barcelona in pursuit after the 17-year old wunderkind. This approach is not alien to Perez, as in 2017 the Madridian club paid Flamengo similar 45 million for Vinicus Junior, who at that moment had just turned 16 years old.

Thanks to this situation, the curtain of the mystery regarding Zidane’s departure has slightly opened. The Frenchman actually entered into a confrontation with Florentino Perez and made a tricky turn, having left the club on his own decision. Because of that, Zizou has become the first manager, who was not fired by Perez in eighteen-year period of his administration. Real await a difficult period of restructuring because of gradual return of Galacticos era with constant influence of the president. However, if previously the club was filled by individualists of a world class, now Real will be distinguished by young players, on which on whom hopes are pinned, and which are alien to the problems of adaptation, the fight against stellar illness and the glare of the glory of the world.