Nainggolan has moved to Inter

Nainggolan has moved to Inter

Roma central midfielder Radja Nainggolan will join the Milanese club. Tuttosport newspaper has confirmed the information, having added that the deal sum is 29 million Euros and halfback will be getting 4.5 million Euros a year.

Naingollan was an integral part of the Roman club throughout the last two years. Together with De Rossi and Strootman, the Belgian cemented the Wolves’ central line and also performed playmaker functions, depending on tasks, set by the manager. Thanks to the advantage of the pitch vision and well-set shot, Radja gave timely passes to his partners and often scored goals to the nets of his opponents with cannonball shots.

The last goal by the Belgian was scored to Liverpool’s net in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, thus once again proving his efficiency in important matches. However, apart from decent performance in Roma jersey, Radja did not get through to the national team of Belgium. The reason for the halfback’s absence in Mundial in Russia are disagreements with the Red Devils’ manager Roberto Martinez.

Nainggolan cannot be called a role model outside the pitch, as the player does not hide that he drinks alcohol and does not deny himself smoking cigarettes. Although, it in no way affects his fitness and the midfielder works on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes of the match.

For Inter, Nainggolan’s purchase is a step in preparation for the Champions League, where Nerazzurri had not advanced for the past five years. Despite the rough play and excessive emotionality on the pitch, Inter head coach Luciano Spalletti knows how to deal with Radja, as he has previously worked with him in Roma. Last season, the Milanese club started from winning streak, having occupied the first position. But several months later, the stagnation period had started for the Big Grass Snake, which resulted in a number of draws.

Nainggolan will strengthen the midfield line, becoming the connecting link between defense and attack. Considering that Icardi will remain at San Siro, Inter next season will be able to perform decently not only in the domestic league, but the Champions League as well.