Ronaldo didn’t let Spain win the match

Ronaldo didn’t let Spain win the match

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick in the match against the national team of Spain brought Portugal one point, when his team did not show anything.

The central match of the first round of the World Cup began with the first penalty shot in the tournament, which was earned by the best player of the next ninety minutes. Ronaldo took upon himself to realize the punishment and for the first time in the match was ruthless towards the goalkeeper of the national team of Spain David de Gea. When you look at the graph of dangerous moments, there is a picture where you can see that this moment was the most dangerous for the Portuguese for the match. The following shots by Ronaldo from outside the penalty box did not bear any danger, maybe only on paper.

Later on, Selecao shot from outside the penalty box. However, when there is Ronaldo in the team, these shots bear danger. La Furia Roja head coach Fernando Hierro said the following,

“When the opponents have such player like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is capable of such things… But I am very happy with my team. We made an important step, when we recouped.

The team fought and did not stop believing in themselves despite everything that happened. Diego Costa was very good, like the team in general. I am happy with everything.”

The Spaniards in the usual manner wove lace on the football pitch approaching the penalty box of Rui Patricio. Nevertheless, apart from the shot to the woodwork from Isco, the main danger came from Diego Costa. Although the passing network showed that partners sometimes included the naturalized Brazilian in passing, Costa clung to the ball and that led to two goals. Spain once again felt the benefit from a heavy forward, whe they played with the false nine. After the substitute of Diego on Aspas, Spain regained the face of the team of four years ago. Control in the name of control and passing in the name of passing are the golden rules of tiki-taka in action.

But soon Ronaldo interrupted the possession hegemony in geographic neighbors. The Portugues once again made foul on himself and shot a free kick right to the upper corner. De Gea was once again in the first row to observe Ronaldo’s abilities.

Portugal showed that most national teams learned to play against the standard Spain. After Costa left, Furia Roja remembered youth, but Celesao refused to repeat the Mondial scenario in South Africa. Ronaldo’s three goals against accurate shots of Costa and Nacho is an outcome of the incredible confrontation between Portugal and Spain.