Poland gave Senegal three points

Poland gave Senegal three points

In the concluding match of the first round of the World Cup, the national teams of Poland and Senegal met. Adam Nawalka’s team thanks to their own mistakes in defense gave the opponents the victory, having advantage during the course of the match.

Bookmakers considered the Poles the favorites of the confrontation, giving them a slight advantage. From the beginning of the game, the nominal hosts went ahead, based on the ball possession and position attacks. Starting with ball possession percentage and finishing with a number of free kicks the advantage was for footballers in the red-and-white kit. However, the counter-attacking national team of Senegal managed to outrun on speed the European opponents.

Apart from swift wings of attack with Mane and Sarr, the defense was also distinguished in Senegal. Koulibaly and Sane did not give Lewandowski the space. Proceeding from this, the Poles had to shoot or make crosses to the penalty box. All crosses were kicked out apart from one, which became the reason for the only conceded goal in N’Diaye’s net.

The Lions of Teranga thanks to speed managed to press and return to their part of the pitch, creating two rows of defense during Poland’s position attacks. This tactics gave results twice. At first, Sarr took away the ball on the left wing of attack, after that Mane continued it and Diouf’s shot came right into Cionek’s leg, who disoriented Wojciech Szczesny.

In the second goal the goalkeeper himself made a mistake, having gone out of the penalty box. Niang led the pressing to an end, having doubled Senegal’s advantage. Poland scored the only goal after a free kick on Krychowiak’s head, but as it turned out, Nawalka’s team could not count on anything more.

Poland gave Senegal the victory, having offered positional football without a creative playmaker. With this approach, the maximum that they expected were passes on Lewandowski, who spent the match under the full care of the defenders. Whereas the own goal and Krychowiak and Szczesny’s msitake in the second half destroyed the chances of the Poles on a positive result. It will be extremely difficult for Poland fighting for the advancement to play-offs with Colombia and Japan with this game, which previously showed dynamic football.