Russia advance to the World Cup play-offs

Russia advance to the World Cup play-offs

The national team of Russia defeated Egypt, 3:1, having left no chance for Salah and company to advance to the list of the sixteen best teams of the World.

Stanislav Cherchesov’s team began the match dynamically under the roar of crowds in the stadium in Saint Petersburg. The first attempts to defeat the defense of the Egyptian national team were not successful, although they showed vulnerable areas. Despite the further leveling of the game by the African Eagles, the Russian team managed to escape in counter-attacks in attempts to throw the ball at Artem Dzyuba.

Although Gabr and Hegazi held Dzyuba throughout the first half, the beginning of the second half of the game turned out to be surprising for the guests. Zobnin’s shot from outside the penalty box was aimed at the Russian national team’s forward, who was too zealously guarded by defenders. As a result of the episode, the team captain Fathy cut the ball into his own goal with his knee.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian team acted in the center of the field, trying to transfer the ball immediately into the zone of attack closer to Salah. At the same time players of the White-Blue-Reds used lateral defenders when connecting to the attack. The numerical advantage at the goal of El-Shenawy caused the penetrating pass to the area of the 11-meter mark and Denis Cheryshev realized the moment, having shot into the near corner. Three minutes later, the sluggishness of the defenders when they intercepted the ball from Dzyuba, led to the third goal of the hosts of the tournament.  

From three goals in fifteen minutes, the Egyptians had no choice but to load the ball into Salah. The team also connected to Russia’s half of the pitch, leaving a pair of central defenders near the central circle. However, Cherchesov’s team tried to close the approach to the penalty box and the first time they failed. Salah competently threw the ball and earned the right for a penalty shot. The Egyptian realized his shot and brought intrigue back for a few minutes. However, the massive defense of Russia crossed out Egypt's attempts to advance the tournament ladder.

Hector Cuper became a hostage of his own precaution. At first, the Argentine manager left out Salah in the match with Uruguay, which the Egyptians lost. And going all-in in the match with Russia did not restructure the team after a conceded goal. Russia confidently move forward thanks to phenomena of Golovin and Cheryshev, for whom finally there is a stellar chance to punch on the football Olympus.