Croatia humiliated Argentina

Croatia humiliated Argentina

The national team of Croatia destroyed the national team of Argentina, 0:3, in Nizhniy Novgorod within the second round of the World Cup. Dalic’s men managed to occupy the midfield and exclude Lionel Messi from the game.

Before the game, the Checkered head coach Zlatko Dalic had set a task before the team to occupy the midfield. To do so, the Croatian manager used the triangle, consisting of Brozovic, Rakitic and Modric. With such names, the manager’s task seemed real, although Argentina came out against him. But the practice showed that the beast is not as scary as it is depicted.

La Albiceleste manager Jorge Sampaoli left Banega, Dybala, Di Maria, Higuain and Rojo on the bench. The Argentine used the formation with three defenders to saturate wings and open up Croatia’s defense on the left and right. But even the advantage of ball possession did not bring any results to Argentina in the first half. The Croats shot twice as more as the opponents in the first 45 minutes, having fled into counter-attacks through the midfield, where Perez and Mascherano played for Argentina.

La Albiceleste tried to attack mostsly through the left wing with the help of Acuna and Meza. The right wing of Eduardo Salvio was cut off by Ivan Strinic, Lovren and Vida were responsible for Aguero and the central halfbacks took Messi upon themselves, not giving him any space. The second half of the encounter began with the Checkered pressing, which led to a mistake by Willy Caballero. The goalkeeper  did not hit the ball as well as he should have and shot the ball right on Rebic. The playmaker without hesitation shot under the woodwork and opened the score.

It is noteworthy that after the goal the Croats did not play to withhold the score and continued to flee on Argentina’s goal. The graph of dangerous moments in the math shows that. Modric’s further shots and humiliation in additional time by Rakitic and Kovacic out a big fat period on Argentina’s ambitions, for whom their path in the World Cup may be over today already.

One cannot say that Argentina did not create moments for a goal during the game. La Albiceleste had their attempts on empty goal, but poor realization, weak laterals and absence of thought in attack did their thing. The Croats managed to squeeze maximum out of the moments, but the main thing is that they were not afraid to play against Argentina. Not every team want to play in the tournament. Many just there for a checkmark, setting the bus and hope for the only moment in a match. Daric’s team showed that an opponent should not be afraid of and devastated one of the favorites of the tournament, which Argentina were the starting whistle of the last match.