Ronaldo following Messi is leaving the Mondial

Ronaldo following Messi is leaving the Mondial

The Portugal national football team in the round of 16 of the World Cup lost to Uruguay and left the tournament following Argentina. In this material, we'll figure out what were the mistakes of Celesao in the match against Celeste.

The strength of the Portugal national team in the group stage of the World Cup lied in counter-attack. In the positional game Selesao looked extremely insecure, especially in the match against Iran. Initially, the head coach of the European Brazilians Fernando Santos put Ricardo Fereira on the right wing of the defense. By the seventh minute already, the right full-back couldn’t contain Luis Suarez and the latter threw the ball on Cavani. It wasn’t hard for the PSG forward to shoot a header to the nearest upper corner of Rui Patricio’s goal and open the score.

In this situation, Portugal had to build positional attacks, as Uruguay went on the defensive. However, one should not forget that Oscar Tabares’ team Caceres, Jimenez, Godin and Laxalt in the defense, who from match to match plays more reliably. Not surprisingly, Ronaldo and the company outflanked Celeste in terms of possession of the ball, shots, corners and transfers. Only out of twenty shots of Celesao, only five fell on target of Fernando Muslera. The rest flew by, or were blocked by the defenders of Atletico Madrid.

The hope of Santos’ team was in the standard positions, where, after a pass, tall players could jump over the wall of the defenders of Uruguay. The return goal came on the 55th minute after the cross from the corner kick. Ronaldo, distracting the attention of Jimenez and Godin, left Pepe alone, and defender of Besiktas equalized.

But seven minutes later the same Pepe in the air did not hit the ball and let Cavani demonstrate his skill with a trick shot to the far corner of the goal of Rui Patricio. The last half hour of the match, Portugal tried to break Uruguay’s defense and with power, after the shots of Ronaldo, and cunning, after the replacement of Quaresma.

The score remained the same and Portugal following Argentina are leaving the World Cup. This tournament showed that the teams need to learn to play universally and hoping for the only scenario is fraught with defeat. Celesao proved weakness in positional play and Uruguay were lucky to score a quick goal. Next up, Celeste will meet France, where Cavani’s swift ball with quality defense of Les Tricolor may not happen.