Croatia almost said goodbye to the Mondial

Croatia almost said goodbye to the Mondial

The national team of Croatia  saved itself from elimination in the World Cup. The Checkered opponents were the Danes, who withheld the draw result 1:1 until the end of the additional time and in the penalty shootout conceded the ticket to the quarter-final.

The first minute of the Croatia – Denmark match became a lesson for the nominal hosts, so that Modric and his company did not relax for a second. Throwing in from the sideline and a shot through the stockade of feet of the footballers disoriented Croatia’s goalkeeper Subasic and Jorgensen went celebrating the scored goal. Nevertheless, the Croats equalized three minutes later. Mario Mandzukic got the ball, which got to him after an unsuccessful takeout from Denmark defenders and shot through Kasper Schmeichel.

Having exchanged goals, The Danes began to deal with the created moments more accurately. Zlatko Dalic’s team gained momentum and before the break had a chance to advance thanks to arched passes by Luka Modric. But Age Hareide team’s tall defenders and Schmeichel leveled threats.

The Croats, just like in matches with all opponents Before that, took the midfield under their control, where Brozovic, Rakitic and Modric were situated by the same old formation. Mandzukic played higher, while Perisic and Rebic played on the edge. Braithwaite was an outcast for the Danes in the alien penalty box, while striking force consisted of Poulsen, Eriksen, Kornelius And Kristensen.

In the second half, the tendency of shots and ball possession remained. The nominal hosts opened up the defense with shots from Modric and Rakitic and the Danish Dynamite fought back rarely constructing something on the enemy side of the pitch.

The apogee of the match was the pass from Real Madrid halfback Luka Modric in the beginning of the second extra-time. The Checkered defender cut through Denmark’s defense and brought Rebic to rendezvous with Kasper Schmeichel. The forward outplayed the goalkeeper but Jorgensen braided his legs and put on the lawn of the stadium in Nizhny Novgorod. Modric went shooting the penalty, but Schmeichel in front of his father and forty thousand spectators caught the ball in a jump. The Further penalty shootout became a benefit of goalkeepers. Apart from Modric’s shot in the extra-time, Schmeichel repulsed the shots of Badel and Pivaric. But Subasic overtook the Leicester goalkeeper by this stats, having taken the shots of Eriksen, Schone and Jorgensen.

Croatia deserved to advance to quarter-finals of the World Cup. Despite the opponents, Dalic’s team keeps going forward and by far they have managed to get out victorious from each fight on the field. Having performers from Inter, Barcelona and Real in the midfield it is stupid not to take advantage of that. Therefore the Croatia national team is the most rational team in the tournament currently. On the seventh of July, The Balkan representatives will meet with Russia, which in the wake of general euphoria after the victory over Spain may create problems for Dalic and his side.