Brazil advance to quarter-finals

Brazil advance to quarter-finals

In the round of 16 of the World Cup, the national team of Brazil without any serious hardship defeated Mexico and booked itself a ticket to quarter-finals. The Aztecs fought until the end, but Pentacampeone took advantage of mistakes of Osorio’s team.

From the start of the match Brazil let Mexico know that they are not going to insist on playing offensively. Until the thirtieth minute, the nominal guests had superiority on shots, dangerous attacks and acute passes. The danger on Alisson’s goal mostly appeared from the right wing, for which the defender Fagner was responsible. The Corinthians’ defender lost Lozano, but the Mexicans couldn’t interpret the danger into a goal.

The main reason for Osorio team’s loss is that they burnt out. The Mexican players, approaching the penalty box of Celesao immediately scored and didn’t try to play out until they are sure. Whereas Lozano freed the space on the left and Chicharito turned out free on the right. The Aztecs’ rush led them to  leaving all strength in the first half hour, Brazil took away the ball under their control  and began threatening Guillermo Ochoa’s goal.

 The Mexican goalkeeper reflected eight shots per match, while Alisson entered the match  only once. The Brazilians in the second half pressed the opponents, just like in the match against Switzerland and Costa Rica, which became a business card of Tite’s team on the Mondial. It didn’t take long until the goal and Neymar, who constructed the attack, concluded it after Willian’s pass.

The Brazilians weren’t afraid of Mexico, they kept two triangles on the wings, having left Jesus on the position of false nine. However, Manchester City player didn’t cope much with the set task. Roberto Firmino, who came to replace Coutinho in his two minutes of presence on the pitch showed Jesus subtleties of playing on this position.

The Mexicans attacked spontaneously, the players changed wings and the fear to miss a counter-attack on Ochoa’s goal was felt, therefore far shots are of no surprise. The episode in the second half became indicative, when Layoun, having broken out on operative space made a shot instead of giving a pass on the free Lozano.

The Brazilians has won 3:0 for the third time in a row in the World Cup, showing stably high level of play. Tite managed to create secure defense, cement the midfield with the help of Paulinho and Casemiro, where Coutinho is responsible for developing attacks. Fagner and Jesus did not enter the game from the squad, which came out against Mexico. Therefore Pentacampeones manager should consider, whether to let Firmino and Danilo out on the quarter-final match alongside Fernandinho, who will replace the disqualified Casemiro.