The Red Devils have risen from hell

The Red Devils have risen from hell

The Belgian national team returned to the game after two conceded goals from Japan in the beginning of the second half. The team of Roberto Martinez in the last minutes snatched a ticket to the quarterfinals with a score of 3:2.

Belgians in the rank of favorites in the bookmakers started the match with the control of the ball in the Japanese half the field. However, the expectations that the team from the east would be easy prey, were dispelled by the fifteenth minute. The Samurais not only were not afraid of the Belgians, but also dictated their own rules of the game. After the thirtieth minute, the teams stopped playing in the center of the field and began exchanging attacks on the goal of Thibaut Courtois and Eiji Kawashima.

The Red Devils showed an improved version of the Spanish team, because instead of meaningless rolling of the ball, their actions were aimed at the opponent's goal. The Japanese, in turn, did not shut themselves, knowing that after retreating they would provide an opportunity for passes to the penalty area. And since Roberto Martinez's squad is filled with tall players - this tactic will lead to a fiasco.

The Japanese hit the vulnerable zones of Belgium at the beginning of the second half. Playing with three central defenders, for the Europeans the role of laterals was played by Tom Meunier and Yannick Carrasco. The first one, being the right defender, is not particularly productive in creativity,, and Carrasco, who left for China, did not return to the defense. Thanks to this from the left wing of the ex-player Atletico came the first goal to the net of Thibaut Courtois, scored by Haraguchi. Four minutes later, Meunier gave space to Inui to disperse the attack of the Japanese national team, and then the inertia of the central defenders led to the second goal.

Ten minutes later, Martinez removed Carrasco and Mertens, making a bet in the style of Mourinho on the tall Fellaini and Chadli. And that gave results. At first, Kawashima's mistake led to the goal of Vertonghen, and then after the pass Fellaini also scored. As much as the goalkeeper of Japan tried to keep the advantage of the Samurais, the representatives of the country of the rising sun was not fated As much as the goalkeeper of Japan tried to keep the advantage of the Samurai, to hold out to the overtime. The Japanese, in the style of the historical ancestors "kamikaze", went ahead, revealing the rear. In the added time Keisuke Honda bitingly executed a free kick, forcing Courtois to move the ball to the corner. Failure at the standard turned into an indicative counterattack from Belgium and Chadli on the last minute of the match brought his team to the quarterfinals.

After a goal-rich and an open match between France and Argentina, the match between Belgium and Japan has earned a place in the list of the best matches of the playoffs at the moment. The game without a center field, carousels throughout the match and rejection from both teams - created an extravaganza of emotions. Belgium showed character and went to the next round, where they will meet with Brazil, and Japan proved that a beautiful game is more expensive than the result.