Organized Sweden defeated Switzerland

Organized Sweden defeated Switzerland

The national team of Sweden thanks to organized play in the midfield didn’t let the Swiss play and use individual advantage. The only goal in the match was scored by Emil Forsberg, which led the Swedes to quarter-finals.

The teams didn’t surprise in terms of tactical formation. The Swedes used their favorite formation 4-4-2 without superfluous refinements, while Switzerland went out to play with 4-2-3-1 formation. Logically, thanks to that the Crusaders won ball possession and took the midfield under their control. Granit Xhaka and Valon Behrami, who located one behind the other, were responsible for running from defense to attacks in Vladimir Petkovic’s team. While the first one sent the balls on wings on Rodriguez and Shaqiri, the second one sent the ball from the defenders.

It is noteworthy that Ricardo Rodriguez was situated in one line with Stoke City winger, while Steven Zuber was not noticed on the pitch. This fact of high game of the left defender Marcelo style gave space to wing halfbacks of Sweden. Claesson and Forsberg teared apart the opponents’ defense and by the 29th minute Berg could have opened the score in the match. However, Yann Sommer’s reaction didn’t let the Swedes celebrate prematurely.

In the first half, the nominal guests were not honored to create more than a shot of Dzemaili above the goal, and the main idea was based on the individual abilities of Shaqiri and Xhaka. Most of the shots were made from outside the penalty box by the Crusaders, therefore it is no surprise, that the total indicator of created moments for a goal xG was 0.71.

In the second half Andersson’s team continued attacks through wings and that led to failure near the penalty box of Sommer’s goal. Forsberg decided to strike, Akanji throughout the whole game put his foot, and the ball flew into the net.

The Swedes’ discipline in defense didn’t let the Swedes Petkovic’s team to recoup. In the end of the main time, Seferovic shot with his head from the goalkeeper’s box line, but Olsen got the ball. A few minutes later, it was the Yellow-Blues who broke out into a counter-attack, but Lang paying the price of a red card stopped Kiese Thelin, but Toivonen didn’t change the scoresheet.

Sweden thanks to discipline in defense didn’t let the Switzerland national team players realize individual advantage. Playing with a canonic formation 4-4-2 with two central halfbacks box-to-box, two wingers and forwards, Andersson’s team acted compactly on the pitch. The Blue-Yellows will play the quarter-final with England, which later in the penalty series defeated Colombia. Although bookmakers name Southgate’s team the favorites, the Swedes have decent chances.