England are the last ones to advance to quarterfinals

England are the last ones to advance to quarterfinals

The England national team became the last team to occupy a place in the top-eight  national teams of the world. The Three Lions team will meet the national team of Sweden in the quarterfinal, which previously defeated Switzerland.

The match between England and Colombia began with full domination of the South American team’s fans on the stands. With James Rodriguez’s absence in the squad, the head coach Pekerman chose a defensive tactics with three central defensive midfielders. Those were Sanchez, Barrios and Lerma. Quintero, who plays the part of a free artist acted in attack together with Cuadrado and Falcao.

The Englishmen didn’t change anything and from the start played by the formation 3-5-2, which sometimes shifted into 3-1-4-2, leaving on a destructor place and the main constructor during attacks Jordan Henderson. Lingard and Alli were responsible for creativity, while Kane and Sterling served as the last stand in attacks of the national team of England.

The first half of the game was with a dirty game from the Colombia national team’s side. There was this feeling that the Coffeemen after the twentieth minute were set for the penalty shot and with all their power destroy the Englishmen, who approach their penalty box. Permanent provocations and hassles continued until the break.

From the beginning of the second half of the game, emotions heated up even more. Had the American main referee Geiger had the eponymous device to measure radiation then the counter would go off scale. In the interim from the 52nd to 69th minute the Themis representative on a football pitch showed six yellow cards. This time an episode with a foul on Harry Kane happened, which caused a storm of emotion from both sides. Carlos Sanchez saddled the Tottenham forward and for that the first goal of the match to Ospina’s goal three minutes later after the scandal was scored.

After the conceded goal, the Colombians began arguing with the referee instead of trying to recoup the gap. But still they got their moment. Despite the fact that until the 81st minute the defensive Colombia scored five shots to Pickford net, the firs dangerous moment happened on the second additional minute. Uribe, who came out as a substitute, shot from afar and forced the Everton goalkeeper stretch out into a string to reach the ball, flying exactly at the upper corner. With this corner Pekerman’s team equalized, because of Trippier’s mistake, who stood on the far post.

In the first extra time the Colombians tried to create danger at the Englishmen’s goal, but when the attempts turned out to be pointless, they created Stalingrad before Ospina. In the penalty shootout the nominal hosts even managed to go ahead after the missed shot of Henderson, but psychological instability throughout the match reflected here as well. Uribe hit the woodwork and Pickford took Bacca’s shot.

England deservedly advance to quarterfinals, where they’ll meet with unyielding and disciplined national team of Sweden. It is time for Southgate to add to the universality, because his formation with three defenders and two laterals will surprise no one, and in case of an unsuccessful game of Young and Trippier - will not allow to enter the semifinals.