England advance to semifinals

England advance to semifinals

The national team of England in the second-to-last match of the World Cup quarterfinal defeated Sweden 0:2 and booked themselves a ticket to semifinals. Gareth Southgate’s team broke the Swedes, having used their own weapon.

Janne Andersson’s Swedes came out on the match without squad changes with similar formation, just like in the match against Switzerland. The dogmatic 4-4-2 obliged the Scandinavs to play defensively and look for chances in counterattacks with the help of medium and long pass. And also throw the ball to the penalty box of the opponent hoping for Berg an Toivonen’s anthropometry.

The Englsihmen also did not change themselves and came out in formation with three central defenders, a defensive midfielder in the person of Henderson, four attacking midfielders two forwards.

Until the thirtieth minute, the teams felt for weak points in the opponents, and the yellow-and-blues had a small advantage. However, this continued until the time when their forces were at their peak. With every next minute, the Englishmen increased pressure on the opponent's half of the field, which led to a goal in the thirtieth minute.

The Three Lions team used notes of their countrymen from the twentieth century and focused on standards. Maguire opened the score in the match after Young’s cross from a corner kick. After that Southgate’s team kept having the advantage, stretching attacks from wing to wing. These actions exhausted the Swedes and the teams went on a break with minimal advantage of the nominal guests.

The second half of the match began with Andersson national team’s activity. The Swedes used their advantage in the form of throws into the penalty box, but after Marcus Berg’s headers Jordan Pickford parried the ball.

The necessity to restore status quo pushed the Swedes forward, but a period in the match was put back on the 59th minute by Dele Alli, who concluded the cross by Jesse Lingard. After that the Yellow-Blues understood that having opened they will get a few more goals and only sometimes carefully crossed the center of the pitch. Pickford, by the way, saved the Englishmen twice more and for that he was named the player of the match.

The Englishmen without any trouble got themselves a ticket to semifinals since 1990, having left the Swedes behind. Andersson’s team lost its confidence and power, having conceded the goal on the thirtieth minute. The England national team methodically nipped the Swedes’ attempts to recoup and the players realized both shots on target of Olsen’s goal, which they had throughout the match.