France are the first finalists of the WC 2018

France are the first finalists of the WC 2018

The national team of France in the semifinal of the World Cup defeated Belgium, having scored the only goal to Thibaut Courtois net. Thanks to confident play in counter-attacks and fulfilling Didier Deschamps’ tasks Les Tricolor advanced to the final of the main football tournament.

The Frenchmen did not invent anything new and Didier Deschamps used the same tactical formation, as throughout the whole tournament. Lucas Hernandez, Umtiti, Varane and Pavard were the backbone of the defense. The latter made a name for himself in the current Mondial and played an important role in the previous match, having created a triangle with Pogba and Mbappe. Thanks to the three in the midfield, Kante, Pogba and Mathuidi, the Frenchmen got themselves this zone from the start of the match. Griezmann and Giroud played on the position of center forwards with which the Belgians coped successfully.

As for Roberto Martinez’s team, the Spanish specialist, knowing of France’s strong sides and saturated the central area.  Fellaini, Witsel and Dembele all came out in the line-up. The three defenders remained unchanged, Hazard and Chadli worked on wings and De Bruyne and Lukaku a little bit closer to the midfield.

The national team of France with the gap of 20 percent lost the ball possession to Belgium, having based the game on counter attacks. And if until the thirtieth minute the Red Devils sieged Lloris’ goal and were close to a goal, then in the third third of the first half passed to Deschamps’ team. But despite Giroud’s attempts to score, nothing worked for the Chelsea forward.

In the beginning of the second half of the game, Giroud once again had a chance to score to Courtois’ net, but Kompany covered sluggish pillar in the attack of the French and Les Tricolor earned a corner kick  from which they scored the only goal in the match.

After the goal at the beginning of the second half, the Belgians went on the assault, which Deschamps’ team did not particularly oppose to. Les Bleus knew that they will manage to run away in counter-attacks and bother Courtois and the wing defenders and central halfbacks will cope with any pressure. So it happened. Before Martinez didn’t replace Fellaini, Belgium used throw-ins to the penalty box or crosses. The manager didn’t think of anything better than letting out more wing players in the persons of Mertens and Carrasco. This didn’t improve the Red Devils’ game, as the Frenchmen prepared for such a development and knew, what to be afraid of in Belgium.

The match ended in a confident, despite the score, victory of the France national team. Deschamps outplayed Martinez, having given his team the ball from the first minutes of the match and later destroyed attacks in the midfield, while Pavard and Hernandez ran into counter-attacks through free zones. Les Tricolor expect the winner of the couple Croatia – England, who this evening will determine the second finalists of the World Cup.