It is early for Southgate to get to the World Cup final

It is early for Southgate to get to the World Cup final

The England national team under Gareth Southgate’s management lost to Croatia in extra-time despite the goal, scored in the beginning of the match. Zlatko Dalic’s team will meet France in the final, which previously defeated Belgium.

Initially, the managers of both teams did not surprise with a choice of tactical formation and performers. The nominal host Croats had the same players on the pitch, as against Denmark, as Marcelo Brozovic returned to the line-up. The 4-3-3 formation presumed that the Balkan team will take away the midfield, just like in the match against Argentina. However, Dalic’s plan was knocked down by the goal from Trippier on the fifth minute after a free kick.

The Englishmen, understanding that the advantage of the Croats in central area is undeniable, saturated it with the help of Henderson, Dele Alli and Lingard. Whereas Kane, just like in the match with Sweden, played not on the edge, but behind Sterling. Thanks to that, Dele Alli on the fourth minute managed to approach the penalty box of Subasic and he made Modric foul on himself.

After Trippier’s goal, Southgate’s team added confidence and based in the midfield, giving a bit of space for Croatia on wings, but there Young and Trippier successfully leveled the danger before the break. Just as before, England’s counter-attacks did not bring any results and Croatia grew its advantage and meter by meter took away the midfield.

The breaking moment came after the break. Gareth Southgate did not dare to change the squad, considering that Sterling once again fell out of the game and was noticeable only when he tried to drag the ball to the opponents’ net. The Englishmen spent their strength trying to defend from the pressing of Zlatko Dalic’s iron players. The fatigue was not felt in the Croatians at all, despite two played matches with additional time and a penalty series. It will remain a mystery, where did they get their strength, but they waited on their moment. Having reclaimed the midfield, the first attack of the nominal hosts through the zone ended in Perisic’s goal. THe left winger ended up in the penalty box and concluded the pass in the style of Gerard Butler in the movie “300”.

The further substitutes from Southgate in no way affected the game. The scored goal in the beginning of the match gave an illusion of advantage, with which the combative Croats methodically coped and in the middle of the second half scored even. The Checkered advanced to the final, having become the first team from the dark horses of the tournament, which advanced there after Czechoslovakia in 1962. It is no surprise that bookmakers are on the France side offering the odds on their victory in the tournament the odds of 1.41, but one must not forget, what Dalic’s team is capable of. Two disciplined teams will collide in the match, the strong side of which is the midfield. therefore the match France-Croatia will be like the battle of Batman and Superman.