Bonucci is returning to Juventus and Higuain is going to Milan

Bonucci is returning to Juventus and Higuain is going to Milan

Juventus and Milan decided to exchange footballers after long agreements. However, one more player will participate in the deal – Mattia Caldara, as reported by

According to the portal information, Juventus and Milan will make an exchange of Bonucci for Caldara. The latter belongs to Bianconeri, although he spent the last year on loan at Atalanta, where he received a good press. As for Bonucci, last summer the defender moved to San Siro in the wake of the arrival of a new owner and mass purchase of players.

Milan are going to exchange the center-back for Caldara, as both players are evaluated in 40 million euros. At the same time Rossoneri will have Higuain’s loan available for 18 million euros and 36 million if the Devils decide to buy out the Argentine’s contract.

If we consider club interests, Milan are losing a world-class defender, who in the end of the season was often lazy because of unrealized expectations. At the same time, the best forward in Italy is being purchased for Gattuso, judging by Higuain’s performances for Napoli and Juventus, as well as a perspective halfback, where in Rossoneri a weak spot was observed last season.

From Juventus’ point of view, the deal will benefit the club. It is the club, as the attitude of players to Bonucci after last year's transfer can only be guessed. Allegri should keep his hand on the pulse so that the atmosphere in the team does not deteriorate after the return of the Italian defender and the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo. By the way, after the transfer of the Portuguese to Juventus, The Old Lady lost the need for containing Higuain. The expensive Argentine contract looks like an unjustified waste of money, given the stay at the club of Ronaldo and Mandzukic, who showed a high class at the World Cup in Russia.

From economical and football points of view, the clubs have had the right transfers. The only mystery is the footballers’ adaptation in the new teams and the rest of the story, which concerns attitude to football players and the realization of potential.