How Nasri destroyed his career

How Nasri destroyed his career

The French midfielder has once again gotten into a ridiculous story. This time, one of the talented halfbacks of his time has had his disqualification extended to one and a half years because of use of doping.

Nasri began his career in Marseille where he declared himself as a player with a nonstandard vision of the pitch and creative thinking. It is no surprise that soon top clubs in Europe lined up after the halfback, but London Arsenal managed to steal the young talent. The Frenchman spent 85 matches for the Gunners throughout three years and was nicknamed the new Zinedine Zidane.

However, soon the desire of easy money sent Nasri to Manchester City, who had only just transferred to the hands of sheikh Mansour. For six years in the Citizens’ squad, Samir spent 130 matches and couldn’t become a player of the first squad. Whereas the Frenchman was noted for constant violations of discipline, insulted teammates and started a riot against the management.

The apogee of the admittance of the midfielder was the World Cup in Brazil four years ago. After the head coach of Les Bleus Didier Deschamps did not take Nasri to Mondial, his girlfriend recorded an insulting video about the manager after which the veto was imposed on the player's call-ups.

In an attempt to reincarnate the career in 2016, Nasri went on a one-year loan to Sevilla, where he got caught on using doping. At first, anti-doping committee forbade the Frenchman to go out on a pitch  for the next six months , but recently FIFA together with WADA and French anti-doping agency have extended the disqualification to 18 months.

The approximate time, when the player will resume his sporting career is January 2019. Then the Frenchman will be 32 and he will have to forget about returning to the previous level. It should be noted that a half of the past season Nasri spent in the Turkish Antalyaspor, which he left four months later, having terminated the contract. The Little Prince, as he was called at home by the fans, will never return. This is the story, where the prince grew up and the faith in football miracle, which lived in his young heart, disappeared forever.