The official return of wayward Bonucci

The official return of wayward Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci has officially returned to Juventus after a one-year absence, connected to the a transfer to Milan. The Italian has been exchanged for Caldara and Higuain’s loan with excess fare. In this material, we will figure out, will Turin become home for the defender once again.

Leonardo Bonucci is without a doubt one of the best defenders in Italy for the past decade. The connection with Barzagli and Chiellini made the opponents hit their heads against the wall of unapproachable defense of the Old Lady. However, during the last transfer window, the center-back went on about the Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, who promised mountains of gold. There were mountains alright, only behind them was a precipice, of which the Italian wasn’t informed about. After the arrest of Milan’s president, Bonucci, who celebrated a goal in Juventus’ net last season, decided to return home,

“It was hard to presume that this will happen, but that’s fantastic. I am very excited. Turin is my home, Juventus is my home. I am very happy with my return.”

But it is not the comfortable home, in which Bonucci was cherished by fans, respected by the management and valued by partners. Even the fact that the player went on a pay cut of two million euros didn’t influence Juve fan torcida’s opinion.

After his arrival to Turin, there was no crowd of fans and the few, who were present at the medical center shouted the phrase, “wash your mouth”, reminding of Bonucci’s goal celebration to Bianconeri’s net. Also, there were hints on the new star of the club Cristiano Ronaldo. Thus, several supporters of the Old Lady shouted to the defender, “we are here for Ronaldo! Where is Ronaldo?!”

Of course, of fans and players has a tendency to change in time. Should Bonucci give several interviews, in which he swears he loves the club, apologizes to the supporters and then make several fateful tackles and everyone will forget about the year in Milan. However, this episode once again clearly shows the reality of modern football, which lacks principles, honor and moral compass.