Man Utd’s integrity is cracking at the seams

Man Utd’s integrity is cracking at the seams

Manchester United midfielder and the World champion with the France national team Paul Pogba is unhappy with the situation with the Red Devils’ manager Jose Mourinho.

According to ESPN portal, the halfback is disappointed with the manager’s critique on his address. The reason for disagreements lies in premature call-up of the Frenchman from a deserved vacation after the triumphant Mondial in Russia. Pogba refused the request of Mourinho and after that the Portuguese in a manner peculiar to himself criticized the player.

That created hype around the probable a possible departure of Juventus former player to Turin or Barcelona, who previously was interested in the footballer. The Catalans offered 50 million euros and Andre Gomes with Yerry Mina in addition, however, Manchester United declined the offer and are trying to keep the former most expensive footballer in the world.

The problem also lies in the fact that Pogba himself is not set to move, but problems with Mourinho gnaw the midfielder and it is unclear, what it will lead to during season. The Red Devils contract with the Frenchman is designed until the summer of 2021 and it is unclear with a clause of possible prolongation for another season, but will the midfielder play until the end is rhetorical question.

Mourinho is once again exacerbates the situation, envying the purchases of Liverpool and predicting a difficult season due to absence of required transfers. Let us remind you that the Portuguese has only signed Dalot in defense, although the need in defenders is serious. Young and Valencia  were used as an extra option on the wings, but had a stable season. It is better not to talk about center-backs at all, as neither Smalling with Bailly nor Jones with Rojo are far from ideal.

In the wake of the situation, let us remember Mourinho’s series with resignations in recent clubs. Because of peculiar approach, neither players nor management are capable of standing the special one for more than two years. Therefore it’s no surprise that he is the favorite to be the first to leave his post in the new season. The odds on the Portuguese’s firing are 4/1, while his closest colleagues Neil Warnock and Nuno Espirito Santo are 9/2 and 6/1 respectively.