Zinchenko is going to Wolverhampton

Zinchenko is going to Wolverhampton

The halfback of the national team of Ukraine and Manchester City Oleksandr Zinchenko is close to move to the last season’s Championship winner and the EPL newbie’s camp. The Wolves will pay 16 million pounds for the player.

Express&Star inform that ZInchenko will have his medical examination today at Wolverhampton base and will sign a long-term contract. In this material we will figure out the pros and cons of the halfback’s transfer to Nuno Esprito Santo team’s camp and make an assumption regarding the future that awaits the player.

A positive side of Zinchenko’s transfer to the English club of the same name lies in increasing his practice. For the 21-year old player the indicator plays the key part for development, especially regarding the English Premier League. Yes, no one will lay the red carpet for Oleksandr immediately after arrival, however it is easier to win competition against the Wolves’ players than Manchester City stars.

The second optimistic point lies in the style of play of Espirito Santo. It is important to note that here we will consider the style of play, not tactical scheme. Only ardent EPL antagonist hasn’t heard of the Wolves transfers, who doesn’t know that seven of Santo’s countrymen play under his management. The Portuguese are called the European Brazilians for good reason because of their technique, speed and style of play. The Wolves coach brought players’ qualities from the Iberian peninsula to England and will try to achieve success in the EPL. For Zinchenko, the adaptation will pass successfully, as there are enough technical footballers in Manchester City, who know how to play pass. What else is there to say, when Pep Guardiola manages the team.

The last fact, evidencing the advantage of the transfer is that the halfback will remain in England and will not waste time on adaptation, assimilation and overcoming the language barrier. In spite of the fact that Santo is Portuguese and has many players of this nationality in the squad, the representatives of the club are required to learn local language.

Out of possible disadvantages, Santo team’s formation of play can be distinguished. The manager put 3-4-3 and Zinchenko’s coming speaks of the manager’s intentions to transfer the player to lateral position, similar to Moses and Marcos Alonso in Chelsea. Considering that Oleksandr played 14 matches for Manchester City last season on the position of left defender, which is not native to him, the fact is disturbing.

The Ukrainian has proven Pep Guardiola his versatility and therefore there should not be zny trouble with position in Wolverhampton for the player. Zinchenko’s transfer is the most profitable in terms of possibilities to play in the first squad and that is probably the most crucial component in selection of continuing the career of a young footballer.