Ronaldo becomes the owner of Valladolid

Ronaldo becomes the owner of Valladolid

The former Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid and Milan forward has returned to Spain, having become the owner of Real Valladolid football club. The deal sum is 30 million euros, thanks to which the Brazilian paid off the team’s debts of 25 million.

The talks of the ex-forward’s upcoming arrival to the club’s structure from the city of the same name were held since this spring. According to the Spanish media, Ronaldo and the club president Carlos Suarez even had verbal agreement about the management change, if the team returns to elite of the Spanish football. This spring the head coach Sergio Gonzales in transition matches brought Valladolid to La Liga and Ronaldo few months later bought out the controlling stake of the club having joined the board of directors as well.

The rumors of Pucela sale were spread since 2012, however, Carlos Suarez only saw Ronaldo at the post of the new president of the club. The club was followed by private businessmen in the person of Ernesto Tinajero, as well as Grupo Doyen company, which worked with Milan, Sevilla, Atletico and Man Utd.

The deal sum is 30 million euros, however, Ronaldo is not the sole owner of the club. The purchase was performed together with the group of investors, although the Brazilian became the face of the deal as well as the owner of the controlling stake of 51%. Whereas Ronaldo will leave Carlos Suarez in the structure so that he would keep managing the mechanisms considering his work experience.

The question why the former footballer chose Valladolid remains a mystery. It should only be noted that the team has the humblest budget compared to other La Liga clubs, and the cost of Pucela according to Transfermarkt is 31.10 million euros.

Ronaldo’s arrival to Valladolid has already reflected on the club’s business strategy. The supporters bought out 20 thousand season tickets for the matches of the current season and the two-time Golden Ball winner that this is only the beginning of restructuring the club,

“We are going to form the best team to compete on high level. Moreover, you will not see any closeness from us: we will inform the public as much as possible.

I want the wee all together took active part in Valladolid’s development. The supporters’ help is always welcome. Help us with your ideas, opinions, critical notes and hopes.”

The club supporters are confused. They are most of all concerned that Ronaldo is Real’s ambassador. Most of them tend to think that Valladolid will become another subsidiary of Los Blancos and lose matches to Perez’s team and exist on loan of players from Castilla. However, whether it will be like the White-and-Purple supporters say, only time will tell.