UEFA may cancel the away goal rule

UEFA may cancel the away goal rule

Reuters reports that the UEFA headquarters received requests from the managers of the European clubs to reconsider the away goal rule in the European competitions. The managers reckon that in modern football scoring goals away isn’t as difficult as it was considered before.

The UEFA General Secretary Giorgio Marchetti made a statement that soon the issue of cancellation the away goal rule can be actualized and will be submitted for consideration. Whereas team managers are confident that nowadays the value of an away goal is not as big as it previously was.

In addition to that Marchetti said that the managers consider the rule to be the reason of football’s loss of attraction. The teams which play the first match away attack less and in the second encounter they mostly defend.

Football has made a leap in development, the main part of which is the introduction of VAR, allowing a referee to evaluate an episode on the pitch during the game. The cancellation of the away goal rule would equalize teams’ chances on success as only this way their true level and class will be revealed.

In terms of 1965, when the rule was first introduced in European football, it seemed innovative and logical. However, nowadays it has lost its meaning. If we take, for example, the Champions League quarter-final match between Roma and Barcelona, the Romans advanced to semi-finals just because of the goal at Camp Nou, having crushed the Catalan team at Stadio Olimpico. The hosts’ victory entailed from the game and had there been no rule, Roma would probably still passed Barcelona.

This also applies to Barcelona comeback in the match with PSG of 18 months ago. Blaugranas then scored six goals and advanced. But had there not been Sergi Roberto’s goal, Cavani’s only goal would let the Parisians advance to quarter-finals, who frankly did not deserve it with their game.

Therefore the idea of the away goal rule cancellation has common sense and logical consideration. Just like the option of setting a single date for transfer window closure. Marchetti claimed that the issue will also be raised for UEFA consideration soon.