Is it time for Southgate to resign?

Is it time for Southgate to resign?

For the first time in thirty years the England national team lost three official matches in a row. Gracenote Live newspaper presented the statistics, implying a rough patch in the game of the Three Lions team and possible resignation of the head coach Gareth Southgate.

Garerh Southgate accepted the national team of England in 2016 after Sam Allardyce’s sacking, who was connected to match fixing. In two years, the English manager and former Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough player brought the national team of his country to the European championship play-offs and to semi-finals of the world Cup in Russia this year. The Three Lions team lost to Croatia there in additional time 1:2, thus having started the streak of three losses in a row.

The second fail found the Englishmen in the third place match, when Roberto Martinez’s Belgian national team confronted them. For a second time in the tournament, the Red Devils defeated the founders of football and took Bronze medals of the Mondial, having won with the score of 0:2.

The third lost match happened in the Nations League. The national team of England at its native Wembley hosted the Spaniards, which conducted their first official match under Luis Enrique’s management The Catalan Barcelona ex manager fixed the situation after Marcus Rashford’s goal and La Furia Roja left the Albion with a 2:1 victory.

Croatia, Belgium and Spain are in the top ten best teams according to FIFA therefore one should not be surprised by the result. However, the national team of England, which advanced to the World Cup semi-final must play with similar national teams no matter what. The problem is that Gareth Southgate has not brought any constructiveness in the Englishmen’s play during his time as a manager. the only weapon that brought the Three Lions benefit in the World Cup are the free kicks. Let us remember that new is well overlooked old, however, no trophies will be seen in the Albion with such approach. The national team of England needs reformation with a clear action plan for the future and not Southgate’s version of the game from the mid last century.