FIFA will decrease the number of loaned players

FIFA will decrease the number of loaned players

FIFA followed the footsteps of reconstruction after the published FIFA intentions to cancel the away goals rule. The organization wants to decrease the number of loaned players to football clubs, Sport Bild reports.

According to the German source’s information, clubs will be allowed to let out on loan up to eight footballers. Wherein in one club no more than 3-4 players will go. if the change comes into force, it will spread not on every player. The performers, who haven’t reached 21 years of age will become an exception.

The highest football body managers looked into the information about loans in the leading clubs of Europe. Forty players from Chelsea in London are having practice on loan, while Juventus have 25 footballers.

Football clubs often use the players’ loan option to unload the payroll and having practice in case of not getting into the first squad of disagreements with a head coach. Clubs often use the return out of loan the players, in case of an injury of the main footballers, if it is in the contract. However, with progress, football managers figured out financial loopholes with the help of a loan agreement.

This way Kylian Mbappe was purchased from Monaco. PSG to remain clean before the financial fair-play rules loaned the Frenchman for a season and this summer paid the compensation sum, set by the Monegasques.

FIFA continues to adjustment of the club football using the principles of maximum financial equality. After the financial fair-play single rule, where the club must not go deeper in debt for more than 100 million euros in one transfer window, the loan idea came up. The initiative will let humble clubs regain social football justice, the last point of which will be a single deadline transfer window in all leagues.