The EPL clubs deceive us

The EPL clubs deceive us

BBC conducted a massive investigation regarding supporters’ attendance of the English Premier League football matches. The results of the investigation showed that most clubs lie in reports regarding the number of fans, attending matches.

Football clubs publish match attendance statistics at a stadium after domestic matches. The information is announced by an announcer or commentator, however, the numbers are exaggerated.

BBC journalists received reports from seven clubs of the EPL regarding stadium attendance for several months. In six of them the information diverged from reality. Only Manchester United count supporters at the stadium. Whereas Watford, Chelsea, Tottenham, Southampton, Manchester City and West Ham exaggerate the indicators.

The reason for inconsistencies lies in the clubs using an amount of sold tickets for a match to calculate fans. However, in West Ham’s case everything is not so clear. The London team exaggerates indicators by 22% and the difference between official information and the actual one is 12,530 people. Considering that the EPL clubs enter into expensive contracts with sponsors, the club is raises its price.

The Hammers’ betting partner is Betway bookmaking company. Their advertisement is located on the stadium and kit. Companies use club information not digging up to its truth when evaluating the coverage of spectators and fan base. The difference in 22% of fans is a significant factor for conducting marketing activity.

The rough calculations of fans are also dangerous because of safety measures non-compliance. The EPL is not unreasonably one of the most visited leagues of Europe and historical moments like Hillsborough crush in 1989 or Bradford City stadium fire. Therefore the clubs from England should approach the league requirements more responsibly to exclude reiteration of such tragedies.