Benzema and Lopetegui believe in a victory in the UCL

Benzema and Lopetegui believe in a victory in the UCL

Karim Benzema and Julen Lopetegui are optimistic about the forthcoming Champions League, which starts today. The forward and the manager are confident that Ronaldo absence in the line-up and Zidane at the sideline will not prevent the club from winning the trophy for the fourth time.

Having arrived to Real Madrid after the scandal in the national team of Spain, Julen Lopetegui claims that his task is to make the team competitive even after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. The Madridians’ center-forward Karim Benzema has the similar opinion. The Frenchman said in an interview that Los Blancos’ goals remain the same in spite of the Portuguese’s departure,

“There are many strong opponents, but Real will always be the favorites. We have only one goal and it’s winning. We constantly give a lot of energy to play well and win. Real are the best club in the world and it has to be proven every year. There are no easy matches in the Champions League.”

This season Lopetegui lost the chance to get a trophy immediately, having lost to Atletico Madrid 2:4 in the UEFA Super Cup. Whereas the start of the season in La Liga has turned out to be positive. Three victories and a draw in the last round against Athletic from Bilbao. Wherein against the Basques Real made 870 passes 799 of which were accurate. The Madridians broke their own record of passes in the championship, which held for thirteen years.

However, you cannot be fed with only possession and the national team of Spain proved it in the World Cup, having lost in the round of 16 to the national team of Russia. Therefore Lopetegui needs style. thankfully, his hands are untied for that as there is no pressure from Cristiano Ronaldo. The central midfielders three – Modric, Kasemiro and Kroos are the best in Primera and maybe even the world. Whereas Isco can strengthen the game and the wings of Asensio and Bale look terrifying  at least judging by Real’s first four matches in the championship. Benzema also experiences his second youth, who scored four goals in five matches. The Frenchman understands that young Mariano Diaz is on the bench, who is capable of moving him out of the line-up therefore he shines with efficiency, which was absent last season.

Real will win the Champion League this season only if Lopetegui will show himself to the maximum. Now the cards are in his hands, but if he disappoints Perez by the New Year, he will repeat Benitez’s fate. The British bookmaking company Ladbrokes gives the odds on Los Blancos’ victory in the UCL as 8/1, putting them one shelf with Bayern. More chances on the trophy have only PSG (7/1), Juventus (13/2), Barcelona (6/1) and Manchester City (9/2).