Messi is back on throne

Messi is back on throne

In the second round of the Champions League group stage, which predetermined the favorites and outsiders of the group B. Barcelona at Wembley defeated Tottenham 2:4 and put Pochettino in an uncomfortable position because of two lost matches at the start of the tournament.

Before the match, a recession was traced in Barcelona’s game because of the problems in defense line. Umtiti’s disqualification together with Sergi Roberto’s injury made Valverde think, especially after two draws and a loss in the last matches of La Liga. A perspective Lenglet came out on the match against Tottenham ans Semedo played on the right, who running ahead, failed the encounter.

At first Barcelona took advantage of Hugo Lloris’ mistake, who didn’t calculate the distance and came out out the goal. Alba passed the ball to Coutinho and the Brazilian only had to not miss the empty goal. Twenty minutes later the Spurs defender Sanchez failed the team once again having not played with Coutinho and Rakitic doubled the advantage with a strong shot. Whereas an important role in both goals was played by Messi. Acting from the deep, the Argentine gave two key passes, after which the guests’ goals happened.

For the second half Pochettino gave Kane instructions to act from the deep, which bore fruit seven minutes after the match continuation. The forward, having received the ball, dragged it to the penalty box and with one swing took down Semedo and Piquet, having shot through Ter-Stegen. But four minutes later Lionel Messi’s genius finally worked. After two shots to the post, the Argentine restored the handicap of two goals.

Tottenham did not slow down and high pressing started, which bore fruit ten minutes later. Albas inaccurate pass let to a mistake and Lamela with a  second pace thanks to a ricochet from Lenglet’s hand shortened the gap to Barcelona once again. Tottenham’s further attempts to equalize  did not bear fruit, although in the second half they shot eight times, unlike one shot in the first half of the match.

The second half showed that Barcelona can bend under opponent’s pressure on counter-pressing. The hosts lacked luck, while on Blaugranas’ side was the Football God, whose name is Lionel Messi. The Argentine in two matches scored five goals and fully takes advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s disqualification in the first round.