Bayern are in fever

Bayern are in fever

Bayern Munich continue their winless series and have descended to sixth place in the German championship. Nothing like that happened to the Red Machine since 1999, when the team from Allianz Arena did not win during Oktoberfest holiday period.

In the end of the last season Bayern management appointed former Eintracht manager Niko Kovac, who in the end defeated his future club in the German Cup final as the head coach. With the Croats arrival to the managerial post Bayern’s game got worse and results reflect that. After seven league matches, the Bavarians occupy sixth place and haven’t won for four matches. At first, Bayern had a draw with Augsburg (1:1), lost to Gherta (2:0), had a tie with Ajax (1:1) and in the latest round were defeated miserably by Borussia Monchengladbach (0:3).

After the last encounter the club president Uli Hoeness claimed in an interview that the manager needs to solve the problems or he will pay for it with his head. However, later the manager took back his words in an interview to Kicker newspaper,

“We have absolutely steady relations. I will defend Kovac until I die.”

The club’s number one Manuel Neuer has similar opinion. Nevertheless, Bild writes that Bayern has started looking for a replacement for Niko Kovac and the names of Laurent Blanc, Zinedine Zidane and Arsene Wenger are present among the candidates.

Kovac tried to rebuild the game of the German football flag-carrier, but as the practice shows, time is required to change well-established traditions in game. Bayern knew how to play under Guardiola’s management because of the managerial approach and the famous style. A similar situation was with Jupp Heynckes’ arrival after Carlo Ancelotti’s dismissal, whose ideas didn’t fit for the German football.

Kovac has not provided quality results despite keeping the backbone of the team. Muller does not cope with the central midfielder tasks completely and James is far from his optimal conditions. The same goes for the aging Robben and Ribery. The Croatian manager needs time, but will Hoeness agree to that, who is used to Bayern’s hegemony on all fronts is a rhetorical question, which will give answer to a question whether Bayern are ready to sacrifice traditions in favor of innovative football.