Giants continue setting anti-records

Giants continue setting anti-records

After a goalless series of Real Madrid, about which we talked this week, as well as Barcelona, Liverpool and Bayern misfortune, trouble have moved to national teams.

The Italy national football team managed by Roberto Mancini has not won at home for five latest matches. Last time a similar thing happened to Squadra Azzurra in 1925. We will figure out in this material, what has become the reason for the repetition of almost a century-old anti-record.

It is symbolical for most supporters from post-Soviet countries that Andriy Shevchenko, who gave the peak of his career to Milan pushed team Italy to a repetition of the anti-record. The current manager of the Ukraine national team did not let Bernardeschi bring his national a victory in the recent match and the teams had a tie 1:1. Before that Italy played at home with Poland (1:1), the Netherlands (1:1), Sweden (0:0) and Macedonia (1:1). (The winning match against Saudi Arabia was held on a neutral territory).

The first and main reason of Squadra Azzurra’s misfortune is a generation change that didn’t happen. The peak of the Italian national team in times of Pirlo, Del Piero and Buffon was their victory in 2006 World Cup in Germany. After that the Italians advanced to the Euro 2012 final, where they lost miserably to Spaniards and had to content with only a silver. The current national team concedes by roster to the team of ten years ago. The defense as always is on top, but the midfield and attack leave us desiring for more, although Verratti and Jorginho as well as Bernardeschi, Insigne and Immobile are far from ignoramuses in the world of football.

The second reason is managerial destabilization. Since 2014 the national team of Italy saw five coaches at the manager post: Prandelli, Conte, Ventura, Di Biagio and Mancini. Each manager brought personal changes and his vision of the game, therefore it is logical that the team did not show results in international tournaments and even missed the 2018 World Cup.

Roberto Mancini has a difficult task to bring Italy to the football Olympus. Under the coach’s management Squadra Azzurra have played six matches in which they defeated only the national team of Saudi Arabia, had a draw thrice and lost twice. In the next match the team will play against Poland away and bookmakers aren’t set optimistically. Although they give a slight preference to guests. Brzęczek team’s victory is evaluated as 2.75, Mancini men’s win as 2.62 and a draw as 3.10.