Klinsmann wants to return to big football

Klinsmann wants to return to big football

The former manager of the national football teams of Germany and USA Jurgen Klinsmann is considering his return to managerial activity. However, the German is ready to work with an ambitious national side only, which sets maximum tasks for itself.

Jurgen Klinsmann is a significant figure for the German football. The former striker, who scored 226 goals in 506 matches for his player career became the manager of the national team of Germany one year later, working there with Joachim Low. The latter managed the training process and Klinsmann performed the role of a manager. For the time being Jurgen took the team to 2006 World Cup semi-finals, which supporters together with the management perceived as a failure, as the Mondial was held on the pitches of Germany.

However, during this period Klinsmann changed the approach to football and its structure in Germany. Thanks to the manager, a generation grew that destroyed the national team of Brazil and took gold in the South African World Cup, which not a single European national team had managed to do ever. Then in his track record was a one-year work at Bayern Munich and a five-year voyage to the USA. But the manager got fed up with the tasks of qualifying from a group in international tournaments and he is searching for new challenges,

“before the 2018 World Cup I had several offers from the national teams, which qualified there. But I declined them all, because the goal of these teams was their qualification from a group.

I had a similar task, when I managed the national team of USA in the World Cup in Brazil. It is not enough for me now. If I return to the manager job, I want to lead a national team, whose goal will be at least semi-finals of the World Cup and which will fight for a victory in tournaments.”

Klinsmann is a terrific manager, who couldn’t achieve success in the managerial field. Therefore most top national teams are reluctant to invite the German because of his track record. However, teams, which have nothing to lose, like team Argentina are not part of the list. Maybe, Klinsmann is the person, capable of making order in La Albiceleste locker-room and reason Lionel Messi, inviting Icardi to the national team.