Liverpool return without key players

Liverpool return without key players

The Merseyside Liverpool lost four players of the first squad during the break in club football for the matches of the national teams. Jurgen Klopp will have to think whom to replace Keita, van Dijk, Salah and Mane with.

After the injuries of the Netherlands, Egypt and Senegal national teams’ representatives, disappointing news for Liverpool fans came from Guinea. Naby Keita, who got an injury in the match with Napoli because of which he left the pitch on the 18th minute, got injured in the match against Ruanda. The match was held within the qualification for the African Nations Cup, the manager replaced the half-back during the break.

The Reds’ coach Jurgen Klopp put it bluntly last week regarding  created by UEFA Nations League tournament in the latest interview to Daily Mail newspaper,

“Many players unfortunately have to go to their national teams and play in the most pointless tournament in football world – the Nations League. I hope they will return without injuries and play in such “easy” tournaments like the EPL and the Champions League”, said Klopp sarcastically.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know what can you win there, but next summer there will be some sort of final”, concluded the German manager.

As we can see, Klopp’s fears embodied. Liverpool will most likely begin the match against Huddersfield without van Dijk, Salah, Mane and Keita. The test purchase of Jurgen, which he made this summer allows him to let Shaquiri out on the right wing and also let Firmino and Sturridge out from the start, which the German has already done. But the team didn’t look well-played.

Huddersfield are on 18th place and haven’t had a single win eight rounds after, having the worst difference of scored and conceded goals alongside Cardiff. The odds on the match are 11.50 for the hosts, 5.70 for a draw and 1.30 on Liverpool’s victory. Klopp is lucky to face the problems after the matches with Tottenham, PSG, Napoli, Chelsea and Manchester City. However, the team’s game in the last two weeks did not inspire confidence in fans at Anfield. However, Klopp’s task is the same – not only bring Liverpool last year’s game back, but also bring something new as Sarri and Ancelotti have shown how to deal the racing car from the Merseyside Kingdom.