Mourinho is worried about atmosphere in locker room

Mourinho is worried about atmosphere in locker room

Jose Mourinho insists on extending agreements with two Manchester United players. Two Spanish midfielders, Juan Mata and Ander Herrera got into the white list of the Portuguese.

Manchester Evening Standard reports that Mourinho intends to extend the players because of their positive influence on the atmosphere in the locker-room. Whereas Herrera has played three matches this season and got injured and Mata has had seven matches. However, the Portuguese reckons that both players are important for the club and even advised Manchester United vice chairman Ed Woodward to hurry up extending the agreements. The footballers’ contracts expire next summer therefore the Red Devils have little time left to close the deals.

Previously, Mata and Mourinho had a conflict, which lasted since the Spaniard’s performance in Chelsea. However, within the last two season at Manchester United the half-back stably goes out in the line-up, performing the function of the ball conductor from defensive midfielders to forwards. The forward usually accelerates counter-attacks and in the Red Devils’ last match against Newcastle he put a start for the team’s half-back after the lost first half with a score of 0:2.

Herrera’s situation is even more like a stalemate. Last time the midfielder went out on the pitch in the lost match of the League Cup against Derby County. After that he watched the match with West Ham on the substitutes bench and later got injured, having been noted this season for only a yellow card. However, Mourinho deeply appreciates the defensive midfielder’s merits, noting that he executes any managerial settings. However, within the unfinished year 2018 Herrera has missed almost three months because of injuries and since the 30th of September is in infirmary therefore Woodward should think about the necessity to extend a contract with him.

Mourinho is concerned about the mood in the locker-room, which pleases the supporters of the Red Devils. Although in recent matches the fans desperately demanded the management to resign, justifying the actions of the head coach. This way the Portuguese has become one step closer to the fans and increased his credit of trust. but everything will depend on the team’s results on a distance and by far they are depressing.