Juventus need de Gea

Juventus need de Gea

Juventus Turin in their usual style want to get David de Gea for free from Manchester United. The contract of the Spaniard with the Red Devils expires in the summer of next year, but although the club has the right to extend the agreement for a year - it is not a fact that it will stop Il Bianconeri.

Juventus have the experience of luring players based on the approaching expiration date of the contract with the current club. According to this scheme, the Turinians received from Manchester United Paul Pogba, who was later returned to Old Trafford for 110 million euros. But after a lost match in the Champions League, the midfielder again wanted to defend the colors of the Old Lady, so the epic of the hairstyle lover transfers is far from a logical end.

Similarly, Juventus' jerseys were also tried on by Pirlo, Koman, Llorente, Khedira and Alves. The last free purchase for Massimiliano Allegri’s team was Emre Can, who left Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool last summer.

If you believe the British newspaper The Times, Juventus are interested in acquiring de Gea and this is not surprising, since Szczensny is far from the title of heir to Buffon, and Allegri reluctantly trusts Mattia Perin. The Italian who came in the summer played only in one official match - against Bologna. During the match, the keeper made two saves and made a shutout, but this seemed to the head coach not enough and Perin spent the last six games on the bench.

Even the current manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, is not sure whether the goalkeeper will remain in the team,

“I’m not sure about that, because only the club, de Gea and his agents can answer this question. I just want to point out that everyone knows the importance of David for Manchester United, and if we want to develop, we obviously need to keep him in the club.”

De Gea is considered one of the best goalkeepers at the moment. Next to him in the list are also Thibaut Courtois, Jan Oblak, Alisson and Ter-Stegen. Real Madrid's purchase of the Belgian goalkeeper destroyed the Spaniard’s dream of moving to Santiago Bernabéu, so the transition to Juventus is quite logical. In addition, clubs have a good transfer history, and if de Gea makes it clear to Manchester United management that he is not going to participate in the further degradation of the brainchild of American investors, the Glaser brothers, they will let him go at least for a minimal fee, receiving at least some dividends from the sale.