Pochettino doesn’t think of trophies

Pochettino doesn’t think of trophies

After Tottenham’s defeat in tenth round to Manchester City (0:1), Mauricio Pochettino ambiguously expressed himself regarding the Spurs. The Argentine this summer got a job offer at Chelsea and Real Madrid, however, the manager chose the present place of work.

The result of the match was decided by an accurate shot of Riyad Mahrez on the sixth minute and the hosts lost at Wembley in the third match within five games in all tournaments. However, the Citizens dominated the match and threatened the opponents’ goal more often than Pochettino’s team. Tottenham’s manager claimed after the match,

“I have said it before that we cannot compare ourselves to Manchester City, because we are on different levels. We haven’t reached their level yet as they won the Premier League last season.

Their goal is winning trophies and we are concentrated on other things, not only victories in matches. the gap between the clubs is not big, but we have to respect it.”

It remains a mystery what did Pochettino mean with the words “concentrated on other things”. Maybe, it was a nod to the club president Daniel Levy, who reluctantly buys new players and because of that Tottenham were left without strengthening this summer. Or the accent on construction of a new stadium, commissioning of which is delayed again.

But what other managers should learn from Levy is his ability of keeping people in the club. Although Tottenham won their last cup ten years ago, the key players extend contracts and whereas do not receive sufficient change in salary. Thus, on Tuesday Dele Alli signed a new agreement with Tottenham until 2024. This means that despite Pochettino’s words, there is no tension inside the squad and there is a battle atmosphere in the Spurs. However, fifth place in the championship and third position in the Champions League falling behind the second place by five points means the downfall of the team.

Pochettino said the right words that Tottenham’s goals must be trophies. For now the Spurs management is concentrated on financial and marketing branch, while they have no business developing players and the team progressing. This also influences Tottenham’s game, players often underperform. It was in all three matches of the Champions League against Inter, Barcelona and PSV. But the return of Eriksen will influence the game structure in offense and Vertonghen’s return is no more than two weeks away. Pochettino gradually tones the management against himself, therefore, it is possible that the Argentine’s action is aimed and moving to Madrid on the occasion of Lopetegui’s dismissal.