Milan got into Champions League zone

Milan got into Champions League zone

Milan’s victory in the delayed match of the first round against Genoa has lifted Genaro Gattuso’s team on fourth position, having overtaken the Roman Lazio. Rossoneri are falling behind Napoli and Inter by four points in the tournament table as well as by 10 points to Juventus Turin.

Milan are gaining shape under Gattuso, however, the team cannot be called systematic completely. Within ten first matches of the season in Serie A, goals were conceded in every match without exception. The reason for that are injuries of Strinic, Caldara and Calabria, which undermines the manager’s confidence in the defense line.

However, the main disadvantage of the current Milan is the absence of stability. Gattuso’s team looks like himself  and manages from match to match for the most part by emotions. The side doesn’t have clear pattern of the game, which could be traced on a distance, therefore impossibility to calculate the strategy of Milan development. It is best seen in matches against decent opponents – Juventus, Inter and even Betis in the Europa League.

However, Gattuso is coping with the task, he gains points stably in matches against teams of a middle class, which Milan also are. Compared to the structured Lazio of Simone Inzaghi, San Siro inhabitants have somewhere to grow. The manager himself claimed at the press conference after the match,

“We made mistakes during counter-attacks and often didn’t reach the attacking third of the pitch. Considering character of preparation for these two matches and squad losses, we played well, although could have played better.

We have made a step forward and now we have to remain [in the Champions League zone]. We know it will be difficult, but it is important for us. We must play team football and sometimes we manage to do that. we cannot calm down, we still haven’t achieved anything. We have blank spaces in many aspects of the game.”

It’s good that Gattuso understands problems, but it’s bad that he did not eliminated them within a year at Milan manager post. Considering problems with the management, which have been since the beginning of the current year, the Italian has not destroyed the thing that was already there. Although amongst candidates for Milan manager post Arsene Wenger is considered, the odds on the arrival of which are 6/4 according to British bookmakers, the Frenchman would not give much Milan. The club needs a progressive manager, conditional Nagelsmann or Rangnick would fit better, but not everyone can understand the stylistics of Serie A.