Neymar is in trouble

Neymar is in trouble

The French Paris Saint-Germain winger is facing criminal liability for suspicion of corruption in a deal with Barcelona. The Spanish court charges him on the fact of corruption in Neymar’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

AFP report that the Brazilian winger, who performs for PSG, is under investigation just like everyone implicated in the case of his transfer from the Brazilian Santos to Barcelona, which took place in 2013. The 21-year old forward was well-known not only in Latin America countries, but in Europe, when together with his father he decided to move to Catalonia.

The Spanish court began to double-check transfer documents because of which, the facts of corruption and fraud surfaced during the proceedings. The case involves Neimar's father, who is also his agent, as well as the current President of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu with Sandro Rosell and former President Santos Odilio Rodriguez.

The plaintiff in the case is the investment fund DIS, which also owned the rights to the football player during his transfer to the Spanish Giant. According to official figures, the transfer amount was 51.7 million euros, of which 40 million went to the player’s family, and the rest to Santos.

However, having reviewed the documents, the Spanish court is sure that the sum of the transfer amounted to at least 83 million euros. The rest of the funds were obtained by illegal means, like fraud and corruption.

This dark spot was the first one in Neymar’s career, after which a transfer to PSG followed, where the footballer is playing now. In 2017, the player paid the Catalan club an amount of compensation of 222 million euros, which were then paid to him as compensation for the promotion of the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. It should be noted that this transfer is also not considered to be crystal clear by human rights bodies and requires additional proceedings. This also applies to the financial tricks of PSG over the past year, such as the purchase of Mbappe and avoiding a violation of financial fair play.