Di Maria remains at PSG

Di Maria remains at PSG

Angel Di Maria agreed on terms of the French giant and remains in Paris for another three years according to the new contract. The Argentine previously told about his intentions to leave PSG because of the expiring contract and unsatisfactory salary at the club.

Di Maria transferred to PSG in 2015 from Manchester United, who, in their turn, lured the winger from Real Madrid. The Argentine couldn’t adapt to a harsh reality of the English football for the season against the background of the fading team of Louis van Gaal; therefore in the next transfer window already he moved to Paris.

In three years Di Maria became a magic wand in the pocket of the Parisians’ managers. However, the status of the main wizard of the team changed on a guy, who is dragging a grand piano for Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe. Although before that the Argentine did play with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The winger has spent more than one hundred matches in PSG jersey and currently used to restructure tactical ideas of Thomas Tuchel.

In the latest Champions League against Neapolitan Napoli the German put Di Maria on a halfback position, acting from the deep. Later he moved him to a flank and in the end of the match Angel in Salah’s style played higher than other partners. That bore fruit and the player checked with the accurate curve shot on David Ospina’s goal, having equalized the score in the match. Maybe the club management considered this moment decisive in negotiations on a new contract and the thirty-year old Di Maria agreed to extend cooperation with the Parisians until 2021.

This season, just like in the previous one, the stars of the team Neymar and Mbappe get all the credit. Therefore it’s no surprise that the Argentine has scored three goals in 11 matches of Ligue 1. However, the importance of the player cannot be underestimated. He has the ability of vision of the pitch,as well as the experience of winning the Champions League, which Paris Saint-Germain owners want so bad.