Platini is against VAR introduction

Platini is against VAR introduction

The former UEFA president and three-time Ballon D’Or winner Michel Platini opposed the introduction of Video Assistant Referee system. According to the Frenchman, the technology is unnecessary and money should be spent on children’s schools development.

Two years ago according to court decision, Platini and Sepp Blatter were suspended from football activity for eight years. The reason for that is financial fraud and suspicion in corruption of the functionaries. Because of that, the former France national football team footballer had left his post and the proactive Aleksander Ceferin came in his place, who took the post of the UEFA head.

However, recently Platini gave an interview to RMC Sport, in which he told about his personal attitude regarding VAR system,

“VAR solves some old problems, but creates new ones. I am against such system and such philosophy. Football is a sport for people. People play it and people also perform as referees.

If quality referees are in football, there will be no problem. It is impossible to see all the moments. We need to put more referees and no more than six or seven rich countries only can afford to put cameras. I don’t want to be a populist, but the money we put in technology, should better be given to children for them to play football. ”

There are flaws in VAR just like in any other technology and it is pointless to argue with that. However, with the help of the system the football became more honest. As the practice showed, the number of referees will not improve the situation, but only make it worse. No need to go far, so let us remember the 2012 European Championship, when Platini himself was at the UEFA president post. The uncounted clean goal of team Ukraine in England’s net by Marko Devic did not let the Yellow-Blues fight for the play-off advancement.

Therefore the claim of increasing a number of referees and speculation on a subject of children’s schools development is nothing else than a populism, which Platini wanted to move away from. During his time at the UEFA president post Michel united the UEFA Cup with Intertoto Cup and was more in scandals than in development of children’s football.