Are Alaves new Borussia?

Are Alaves new Borussia?

The Spanish Alaves after 11 rounds in La Liga confidently conclude the leaders five and are ahead of Real Madrid by three points. In this material we will figure out how did the team from the Basque Country capital deserved to be on one level with Atletico and Sevilla after almost one third of the season.

Alaves became known to many fans after the UEFA Cup final of 2001. Back then the team, managed by head coach Mane, got to the final, where in a football thriller conceded to the English Liverpool 4:5. From the start of the next season the Basques gave a decent series and eleven first matches had eighteen points in the asset. Seventeen year later, Alaves have 20 points in their asset after 11 matches and a perspective to get into the European cup zone. However, first thing’s first.

After an unsuccessful half of the season last year, Abelardo had headed the team. Although Subeldia and De Biasi helped the team advance to the final of Copa del Rey, Abelardo saved Alaves from relegation. By the end of last season, The Glorious One had broken away from relegation by eighteen points and everything thanks to the manager.

Abelardo came to the club after the fail with Sporting Gijon and worked well with available squad. He didn’t ask for better performers from the club and worked with those, who was present. Abelardo helped Ibai Gomez progress, developed El Haddari to a level that the guy was retrieved by Barcelona and also made Joni Rodriguez the best assistant in La Liga together with Messi.

Without thinking, one may see a parallel with Jurgen Klopp in Borussia Dortmund, who squeezed out maximum from footballers, which were available. However, the level of the performers with the Basques varies significantly. Ideal similarity is also present in managers. This is what Abelardo thought of the style of play and ball control,

“The fact that we do not possess the ball on a regular basis doesn’t mean that Alaves are a defensive team. I have always considered possession, first of all, a possibility to get to the penalty area of an opponent, perform a pass from a wing and conclude the episode in your favor. Rolling the in your half of the pitch doesn’t make any use, if players do not look for a way to get away into attack. It doesn’t matter if we do not possess the ball for a long period of time – we prefer a vertical football through wings. This is exactly why we play in 4-4-2 formation.”

Abelardo has built a harmonious side, which is capable of defeating Real Madrid and Villarreal this season. Alaves are strong enough to remain in the European Cup zone and remind Europe, who discouraged Liverpool almost two decades ago. However, it will be possible only if footballers stay true to themselves and the manager and the giants don’t lure them on improved conditions.