UK government is against Super League

UK government is against Super League

The British authorities have protested against the creation of the planned Super League tournament, which will be attended by five clubs of the English Premier League. Let us recall that the idea of competition belongs to the FIFA organization.

The Telegraph said that the UK government is indignant because of the possible participation of the Premier League clubs in the tournament, which is designed to raise interest in football in the world. FIFA has been developing an idea for two years, which will be realized by the year 2021. According to the publication, the authorities are confident that the participation of clubs will hit the culture of sports in England. Also, the government is dissatisfied with the fact that they still knew about the idea of creating and the structure of the tournament only from rumors and the press, since there was no official information from FIFA representatives.

According to the German editions of Football Leaks and Der Spiegel, five clubs in the English Premier League sent tacit support to the tournament and participation in it. They were London Arsenal and Chelsea, Manchester City and United, as well as Liverpool. Clubs will be the founders of the new league, which can also join Barcelona and Real, speaking in support of the idea.

We talked about the fact that UEFA plans to sabotage the voting for the creation of the tournament, because it will destroy interest in the Champions League and the Europa League. However, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp spoke with the support of the Super League, giving an interview after the match of the championship of England with Arsenal,

“I have no real opinion. It sounds good, very good, because it will mean much less games and much more money.” - Sky Sports reports.

“I am completely satisfied with how everything is happening at the moment. At least, this is an idea that will not happen immediately. I'm not sure that anyone was talking about this, to be honest. All other great ideas from UEFA and FIFA are made immediately - they don’t ask”

Thus, the idea of creating the Super League causes a growing resonance in the football field. Organizations are protesting because globalization harms the culture and financial industry. However, clubs are interested in attracting more fans and making a profit by advertising, selling tickets and promoting the brand. If the idea of FIFA comes true - we are waiting for the football revolution.