FFU to expand EPL to 16 clubs

FFU to expand EPL to 16 clubs

The Ukrainian Football Federation decided to expand the Ukrainian championship to 16 clubs, as it was before the 2014/2015 season. Today, there are 12 teams in the Ukrainian Premier League and according to the regulations, the table is then divided into six of the leaders and outsiders.

According to journalist Kirill Kryzhanovsky, the FFU has already decided to expand the Premier League to 16 teams, instead of 12 participating teams. It remains unknown from what season the amendments will enter into force, but this will happen no later than 2020/2021. According to Kryzhanovsky, FFU may also consider the option of changing the regulations in the winter season. The main argument will be the usual "for the benefit of the development of Ukrainian football."

Not all Premier League clubs have agreed on the expansion of the tournament. Kiev Dynamo supports the ideas of the head of the Football Federation, when another hegemon of Ukrainian football, the Donetsk Shakhtar will slow down the process with all available resources, according to Kryzhanovsky. To the ideas of the transformation of the tournament, the Kiev Arsenal coach, Vyacheslav Grozny. However, his motive is clear, since the Gunners occupy the last line of the championship and the game is unlikely to get out even in matches with league outsiders.

FFU President Andrei Pavelko is set up to change the regulations in order to popularize football in the country. According to Pavelko, the format changes will return football to the Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lutsk, from where clubs regularly played in the Premier League.

Dnipro and Metalist Kharkiv were considered the second force in the Ukrainian championship, and the first even went to the Europa League final of the 2014/2015 season, where they lost to Seville 2: 3. However, being in the hands of the exclusive owners-oligarchs, the clubs disappeared from the football map and only a couple of years later they have the opportunity to return to the elite of Ukrainian football.